Предложения для специалистов химической сферы 

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The Chemistry and Advanced Materials (CAM) group at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences has been engaged in solar energy applications including organic and hybrid solar cells for more than decade. We have recently expanded our interest to photocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction and started a new research project aimed at developing nanocrystal-molecular catalyst photo-reduction centers within project funded by JAES. Our team is a partner in PREIN flagship programme. We have access to a wide range to instruments from the state-of-the-art time-resolved optical spectroscopy to modern NMR instruments within the university, and we are active partners in international research network.

Job description

The Postdoctoral Researcher’s position at Synthetic Team aims at a highly ambitious and challenging task of designing and preparation of hybrid catalytic systems for CO2 reduction reactions. The work focuses on synthesis of metallo-poprhyrinoid molecular catalysts and their coupling with light-harvesting quantum dots and nanoparticles. The synthesized photocatalytic hybrids will be further studied by the Photonics team in the carbondioxide conversion reactions. You will work in a live, multinational and highly multidisciplinary team in Tampere. The project implies a close cooperation with the computational team from Jyväskylä University and regular contacts with the leading research groups worldwide with planned visits to Spain, Ireland and Poland. Traditionally for Tampere University, you will also be partly involved in teaching.  


The position is intended for an ambitious and skilled researcher, who is looking for advancement of her/his career and for new scientific challenges. You should have a PhD degree in chemistry, materials science, or related area. We expect an ability for both independent scientific work and strong team working attitude, as well as adequate teaching skills. The working language of the group is English. A successful candidate should have a solid experience in organic synthesis and/or inorganic/organometallic methods, NMR/MS/chromatography, and possess strong writing and presentation skills.

We appreciate experience of studying and working abroad and contacts to international research community. If you have additional experience in, for example nanoparticles, catalysis, characterization, etc. that would be considered a bonus. Ability to supervise M.Sc. and Ph.D. students would be an advantage. 

We offer

The position will be filled for a fixed-term period of 2 years. The planned starting date is as mutually agreed. A trial period of six months applies to all our new employees.

The salary will be based on both the job requirements and the employee's personal performance in accordance with the Finnish University Salary System. The position of a Postdoctoral Researcher is placed on the job demands levels 5-6 (teaching and research staff). A typical starting salary of Postdoctoral Researcher is around 3600 EUR/month.

We offer a wide range of staff benefits, such as occupational health care, flexible working hours, excellent sports facilities on campus and several restaurants and cafés on campus with staff discounts. Please read more about working at Tampere University.

Photonics are recognized as leading-edge research areas of Tampere University. We offer a world-class research environment in internationally recognized research groups. We have strong collaborative networks and offer great opportunities for researchers to develop their careers in an international setting.

How to apply

Please prepare your application and contact Adj. Prof. Alexander Efimov by email (alexandre.efimov (at) tuni.fi) as soon as possible. Please write your application and all accompanying documents in English and attach them in PDF format.

Applications should include the following documents:

Curriculum Vitae according to TENK guidelines 

List of publications according to Academy of Finland guidelines

References from two people (contact information of reference persons)

Motivation letter (incl. research directions): 

o 1-3 pages where you introduce yourself and present your qualifications. 

o Previous research fields and main research results. 

o Future goals and research focus. Are there any specific projects and research issues you are primarily interested in?

For more information, please contact:

Adj. Professor Alexander Efimov, Адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. Для просмотра адреса в вашем браузере должен быть включен Javascript.

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Дата 27 апреля 2021
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